Living Christmas Trees Are Now Available

Traditional Dwarf Alberta Spruce ranging from $19.99 to $69.99.
Beautiful Baby Blue Spruce are $139.99 for 4’ tall trees and $169.99 for 5’ tall trees.
  • Baby Blue Spruce – 5 Foot Tall: $169.99
  • Baby Blue Spruce – 4 Foot Tall: $139.99
  • Vanderwolf Pine: $189.99
  • Weeping Blue Spruce – No Two Trees Alike: $199.99
  • Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar: $129.99
  • Incense Cedar: $49.99
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce: $19.99 – $69.99

Extended Holiday Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Free Gift Wrap of any purchase over $30.00
Free Delivery in the Pass Area for purchases over $100.00
Gift Certificates Available

At Beaumont Garden Center, we stock a huge selection of shrubs and trees that have been grown locally and are acclimated to the unique and challenging conditions of the Pass area.
Our flowers and vegetables are selected to be appropriate for this area and for the season, and are expertly cared for. We won’t send you home with plants that have been stressed by poor care or plants that can’t thrive in this area.

Featuring home garden fruit, nut and shade trees from Dave Wilson Nursery.

Below is a partial list of plants and trees that you can find at Beaumont Garden Center:

Almond, All in One
Almond, Carmel
Almond, Garden Prince
Almond, Hall’s Hardy
Apple, Anna
Apple, Arkansas Black
Apple, Combo 4 in 1
Apple, Fuji
Apple, Gala
Apple, Gala 2 tier
Apple, Golden Delicious
Apple, Granny Smith
Apple, Jonagold
Apple, Mcintosh S.D.
Apple, Mutsu
Apple, Newton Pippin
Apple, Red Delicious
Apple, Red Fuji
Apple, Red Jonathan
Apple, Spartan S.D.
Apple, York
Apricot, Chinese Mormon
Apricot, Harcot
Apricot, Royal
Apricot, Royal Blenheim
Apricot, Tilton
Cherry, Bing
Cherry, Black Tartarian
Cherry, Combo 4 in 1
Cherry, Lapins
Cherry, Montmorency S.D.
Cherry, Rainier
Cherry, Stella
Cherry, Utah Giant
Fig, Black Mission
Fig, Brown Turkey
Jujube, Li
Mulberry, White fruiting
Nectarine, Fantasia
Nectarine, Goldmine (Wht)

Nectarine, Independence
Nectarine, Mericrest
Nectarine, Snow Queen
Peach Gleason Elberta
Peach, Babcock White
Peach, Combo 4 in 1
Peach, Double Red Flowering
Peach, Fay Elberta
Peach, Giant Babcock
Peach, Halford Cling
Peach, Indian Blood Cling S.D.
Peach, July Elberta
Peach, Late Elberta
Peach, O’Henry
Peach, Ranger
Peach, Red Baron
Peach, Redhaven
Peach, Rio Oso Gem
Peach, Veteran
Peach. Red Baron
Pear, Asian Shinseki
Pear, Bartlett
Pear, Comice
Pear, Dwarf Bartlett
Pear, Surecrop
Persimmons, Hachiya
Pistachio Kerman (Female) (sold only in pairs)
Pistachio Peters (Male) (sold only in pairs)
Plum, Blue Damson S.D.
Plum, Elephant Heart
Plum, Green Gage
Plum, Late Santa Rosa
Plum, Santa Rosa
Plum, Satsuma
Plum,Combo 4 in1
Prune, French Improved
Prune, Italian
Prune, Italian S.D.
Walnut, Black
Walnut, Pedro

Acer rubrum, Red Maple
Acer, Autumn Blaze
Acer, Autumn Fantasy
Acer, Red Maple
Acer, Silver Maple
Albizia multi, Mimosa
Albizia standard
Alnus, White Alder
Ash, Fan-Tex
Ash, Patmore
Ash, Raywood
Ash, Summit
Aspen, Quaking single
Betula alba, Multi
Betula alba, Single
Betula, Jacquemontii
Betula, Multi White Birch
Betula, White Single
Brachychiton, Bottle Tree
California Pepper
California Sycamore
Camphor Std & Multi
Catalpa, Purple
Catalpa, Speciosa
Catalpa, Western
Cedar, Deodar
Cedar, Incense
Celtis occidentalis
Cercis, Chinese Redbud Bush
Cercis, Eastern Redbud Bush
Chilopsis, Burgundy Multi
Chitalpa, Pink Dawn
Crabapple, Hopa Flowering
Crabapple,Robinson Flowering
Cypress, Arizona
Cypress, Italian
Cypress, Leylandii
Desert Willow Tree
Eucalypus, Red Iron Bark
Fraxinus, Arizona Ash
Fraxinus, Modesto
Fraxinus, Raywood Ash
Gingko, Maiden Hair Tree
Hawthorne, Crimson Cloud
Juniper, Hollywood Twisting
Koelreuteria paniculata
Kouleteria, Golden Rain Tree
Laburnum Vossi
Ligustrum 3-Tier
Ligustrum japonica Tree
Liquidambar styraciflua
Liriodendron, Tulip Tree
Locust, Golden Honey
Locust, Golden Honeylocust

Locust, Purple Robe
Loquat, Green
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia, Little Gem
Magnolia, Soulangeana
Melia, Texas Umbrella
Mulberry, Fruitless
Olive, Multi
Palm, Chamerops Excelsa
Palm, Chamerops Humilis
Peach, Double Red Flower
Peach, Peppermint flowering
Pear, Aristocrat
Pear, Bradford Flowering
Photina Fraseri (Bush)
Photinia Tree
Pine, Mondel (Eldarica)
Pistache, Chinese
Pistacia Multi
Poplar, Bolleana (White)
Poplar, Candicans
Poplar, Fremontii ‘Nevada’
Poplar, Lombardy
Poplar, Silverleaf Bolleana
Poplar, Siouxland
Poplar, Western
Poplar, White
Prunus Krauteri Vesuvius
Prunus Krauteri, Redleaf Plum
Prunus Thundercloud Plum
Prunus, Carolina Cherry
Prunus, Dwf. Purple Pony
Prunus, Thundercloud
Quercus rubra, Red Oak
Quercus Valley Oak
Red Chokecherry Tree
Rhus lancea
Rhus lancea, single
Salix, Corkscrew Willow
Salix, Globe Willow
Salix, Weeping Willow
Sequoia Giganteum
Sequoia, Semp. ‘Soquel’
Sorbus, Mountain Ash
Sycamore ‘Bloodgood’
Sycamore, Bloodgood
Sycamore, California
Syringa, Common Lilac
Thuja, Golden Arborvitae
Willow Corkscrew
Willow, Amber Curls
Willow, Globe
Willow, Weeping


Angel Face
Blue Girl
Chrysler Imperial
Double Delight
Double Knock Out
Eyeconcic Lemonade
John F. Kennedy
Mister Lincoln
New Day
Perfume Delight
Queen Elizabeth
Red Meidiland
Rio Samba


Climbers – Blaze
Climbers – Cecil Brunner
Climbers – Don Juan
Climbers – Golden Showers
Climbers – Joseph’s Coat
Climbers – Newport Fairy
Climbers – Pinata

Abelia, Edward Goucher
Acanthus mollis
Acer ginnala, Amur Maple
Agapanthus ‘Peter Pan’
Agapanthus africanus, ‘Blue’
Agapanthus africanus, white
Agapanthus, Ella Mae
Agapanthus, Peter Pan ‘Blue’
Aloe Vera
Althaea Lavender Single
Althaea, Dbl.Lavender
Althaea, Dbl.Pink
Althaea, Dbl.Red
Althaea, Double Assorted
Althaea, Single White
Althaea,Single Lavender
Barberry ‘Rose Glow’
Berberis, Red Leaf Atro.
Berberis, Wm Penn
Bottlebrush, Dwarf Little John
Boxwood, Green Beauty
Boxwood, Japanese
Buddleia, ‘Pink Delight’
Buddleia, Black Knight
Buddleia, Royal Red
Buxus, Winter Gem
Canna Lily
Caryopteris, Blue Mist
Chaenomeles, Coral Quince
Chaenomeles, Jet Trails (White)
Chaenomeles, Texas Scarlet
Cistus corbariensis,Rockrose
Cistus, Corbariensis White
Convolvulus, White
Cotoneaster ‘Horizontalis’
Cotoneaster ‘Lowfast’
Cotoneaster, ‘Coral Beauty
Cotoneaster, ‘Lowfast’
Cotoneaster, Hortizonalis
Cotoneaster, parneyi
Crape Myrtle Bush
Cypress Leylandii
Cypress, Arizona
Cypress, Az. Carolina Sapphire
Cypress, Italian
Cypress, Leylandii
Daylily, Assorted Colors
Diosma, Breath of Heaven
Dogwood, Coral Twig
Dogwood, Euro. variegated
Dogwood, Kelseyi
Dogwood, Red Twig
Dogwood, Yellow Twig
Echeveria elegans, Blue
Elaeagnus ang.Russian Olive
Elderberry, York
Escallonia compacta
Escallonia, Compacta
Escallonia, Fradesii
Euonymus ‘Goldspot’
Euonymus alata compacta
Euonymus Golden
Euonymus Goldspot
Euonymus micro Variegated
Euonymus micro, Green
Euonymus micro, variegated
Euonymus, ‘Golden’
Euonymus, Coloratus
Euonymus, Golden
Euonymus, Goldspot
Euonymus, Green
Euonymus, Green & Gold
Euonymus, Green & Gold
Euonymus, Manhattan
Euonymus, Silver King
Euryops, Daisy
Euryops, Daisy (3 Gallon)
Feijoa, Pineapple Guava
Fern, Asparagus sprengeri
Forsythia, Beatrix Ferrand
Forsythia, Karl Sax
Forsythia, Lynwood Gold
Forsythia, Spring Glory
Genista racemosa,SweetBroom
Genista, Royal Gold
Genista, Sweet Broom
Grevillea noelli
Hesperaloe, Red Yucca
Hypericum calycinum
Ilex vomitoria, dwf.YouponHolly
Ilex, aquifolium
Iris, Bearded Assorted
Japanese Snowberry
Juniper procumbens nana
Juniper prostata variegated
Juniper, Arcadia
Juniper, Bar Harbor
Juniper, Blue Chip
Juniper, Blue Pfitzer
Juniper, Blue Point
Juniper, Blue Rug
Juniper, Buffalo
Juniper, Hollywood Twisting
Juniper, Mini arcade
Juniper, Old Gold
Juniper, Prince of Wales
Juniper, Sea Green

Juniper, Spartan
Juniper, Tam
Juniper, Wichita Blue
Juniper, wiltoni
Lagerstroemia, Dwarf Pink
Lagerstroemia, Muskogee
Lavender French
Lavender, English
Lavender, Spanish
Leucophyllum, Texas Ranger
Ligustrum 3-Tier
Ligustrum japonica
Ligustrum texanum
Ligustrum vicaryi,Golden Privet
Ligustrum vulgare
Lon. Hall’s Honeysuckle Bush
Loquat, Green
Lorapetalum rubra
Low Flame- Red
lViburnum ‘Spring Bouquet’
Mahonia aquifolium
Mahonia repens
Mahonia repens
Moraea Bicolor
Moraea bicolor
Moraea Iridoides
Moraea iridoides
Muskogee – L ight Lavender
Myrtus compacta
Nandina Domestica
Nandina domestica
Nandina nana purpurea
Natchez – White
Natchez- White
Oleander, Hardy Red
Oleander, Petite Pink
Oleander, Pink Beauty
Oleander, Sister Agnus (White)
Osmanthus, Sweet Olive
Peony Assorted 3 Gallon
Perovskia, Russian Sage
Philadelphus, Mock Orange
Phormium, New Zealand flax
Phormium, Red flax
Photinia Fraseri
Photinia fraseri
Physocarpus op. Ninebark
Pittosporum tobira, Green
Pittosporum tobira,Var.
Pittosporum, ‘Wheelers Dwarf’
Pittosporum,Wheeler Dwf
Podocarpus, Macro
Poinciana, Yell.Bird Paradise
Pomegranate, Sweet
Pomegranate, Wonderful
Potentilla ‘Goldfinger’ (Yellow)
Potentilla, Goldfinger (Yellow)
Prunus cistena,Dwf Red Leaf
Prunus plena, Flw. Almond
Prunus, Carolina Cherry
Queen’s Lace
Raphiolepis ‘Pink Lady’
Raphiolepis Pinkie
Raphiolepis, ‘Clara’
Raphiolepis, ‘Pinkie’
Rhus Aromatica
Rosa Rugosa
Rosemary prostrata
Rosemary upright
Rosemary, Lockwood
Rosemary, prostrata
Rosemary, upright Tuscan Blue
Salix caprea, Pk Pussy Willow
Salix, Dappled Willow
Salix, Dwf Blue Arctic Willow
Salvia greggii ‘Red’
Salvia leucantha
Sedum, Assorted
Sempervivum, Hens & Chicks
Society Garlic
Spartium, Spanish Broom
Spiraea, ‘Goldflame’
Spiraea, ‘Limemound’
Spiraea, ‘Snowmound’
Spiraea, Anthony Waterer
Spiraea, Gold Flame
Spiraea, Goldmound
Spiraea, Limemound
Spiraea, Reevsiana
Spiraea, Snowmound
Spiraea, Van houteii
Syringa vul. Common Lilac
Syringa, Chinese Lilac
Syringa, Common Lilac
Thuja, ‘Blue Cone’
Thuja, Aurea Nana
Thuja, Westmont
Tuscarora- Coral
uniper procumbens nana
Viburnum, Snowball
Viburnum, Spring Bouquet
Vitex, Chaste Tree
Watermelon- Red
Weigela, Florida Red Prince
Weigela, Pink

Artichoke, Globe
Artichoke, Jerusalem
Asparagus, Edible
Blackberry, Thornless
Currant, Black
Currant, Redlake
Gooseberry, Pixwell
Grape, Black Monnuka
Grape, Concord

Grape, Himrod Seedless Grn
Grape, Perlette
Grape, Ruby Seedless
Grape, Ruby Seedless
Grape, Suffolk Red Seedless
Grape, Thompson Seedless
Raspberry, Red Heritage
Rhubarb, Victoria Cherry
Strawberry, Quinault
Strawberry, Sequoia

Armeria, Sea Pink
Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’
Cerastium, Snow in Summer
Coreopsis, Early Sunrise
Cuphea, False Heather
Cuphea, False Heather
Daylily, Assorted
Felicia, Astro Thomas
Festuca, Blue Fescue
Gaillardia, Goblin
Geranium Incanum
Heuchera, Palace Purple
Hosta, Antioch
Hosta, Aureo Marginata
Iberis, Snow White Candytuft
Kniphofia, Red Hot Poker

Mexican Primrose
Penstemon ‘Apple Blossom’
Penstemon ‘Firebird’
Plumbago, Blue Dwarf
Rudbeckia, ‘Goldstrum’
Rudbeckia, ‘Toto’
Scaveola, Mauve Clusters
Shasta Daisy, Snow Lady
Vinca major
Vinca minor, variegated
Vinca minor, white & blue
Violets (Old Fashion)
Yarrow ‘Paprika’
Yarrow ‘Red Beauty’

Boston Ivy
Campsis radicans (red)
Campsis, ‘Madame Galen’ Red
Clematis, Jackmanii Purple
Gelsemium sempervirens
Hedera, Algerian Ivy
Hedera, English Ivy
Hedera, Glacier Variegated
Hedera, Glacier variegated Ivy
Hedera, Hahns Ivy
Hedera, Needlepoint Ivy
Lavender Trumpet vine
Lilac vine, Hardenbergia
Lonicera Hall’s, Honeysuckle
Lonicera, ‘Gold Flame’

Lonicera, ‘Mandarin’
Lonicera, Hall’s Honeysuckle
Lonicera, Purple Honeysuckle
Pyracantha graberi
Pyracantha lalandei
Rosa banksiae, Lutea-Yellow
Rosa banksiae, White
Silverlace vine
Star Jasmine
Virginia Creeper
Wisteria Pink
Wisteria sinensis
Wisteria, Cook’s Purple
Wisteria, Cooke’s

Cala. Karl Forester
Carex Bronze
Carex Buchanii
Carex Dwf Variegated
Carex Testacea
Japanese Blood Grass
Liriope Big Blue
Miscanthus Yakushima

Miscanthus Zebrinus
Misc.Dwf Yakashima
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus variegated
Muhlenbergia Regal Mist
Pampas White
Rattlesnake Grass

Acer Circinatum, Vine Maple
Acer, Flamingo Boxelder
Acer, Jap. Green Multi Maple
Albizia, Mimosa Standard
Ash, Fan-Tex
Aspen, Quaking
Cherry, Kwanzan flowering
Cornus Florida, White
Crape Myrtle, Assorted Trees
Crape Myrtle, Biloxi Pale Pink
Crape Myrtle, Country Red
Crape Myrtle, Muskogee
Elaeagnus, Russian Olive Tree
Fig, Black Mission
Fig, Brown Turkey
Fig, White Kadota
Hawthorne, Paul’s Scarlet
Maple, Amur
Maple, Japanese Green Multi

Maple, Japanese Red
Nectarine, Necta Zee Gen.Dwf.
Nectarine,Nectar Babe Gen Dwf
Olive, Multi
Peach, Gen Dwf. Pix Zee
Pear, Asian 20th Century
Pear, Asian Hosui
Pear, Asian Shinko
Persimmons, Hachiya
Pistache Chinensis Multi
Pistachia chinesis
Plum, Dapple Dandy Pluot
Redbud, Eastern (Bush)
Redbud, Eastern (Tree)
Salix, Scarlet Curls
Sequoia sempervirens,Soquel
Sophora Segundifolia
Thundercloud Plum

Alberta Spruce
Alberta Spruce Spiral
Colorado Blue Spruce
Cornus Florida, White
English Laurel
Juniper, Blue Star
Picea, ‘Fat Albert’

Pieris Japon ‘Prelude’
Pine, Mugho ‘Pumilio
Pine, Mugho 15″-18″
Taxus Hicksii
Thuja ‘Emerald Grn.’
Weeping Norway Spruce

Alice Christian, Double Red/Purple
Alice Christianson Red/Purple
Charles Joly Dbl. Red
Charles Joly Double Red
Ellen Willmont Dbl. White
Ellen Willmont, Double White
Katherine Havenmeyer, Double Pink
Klagers Dbl.Purple
Klagers, Double Purple

Lavender Lady Lavender
Ludwig Spaeth Sgl.Deep Purp.
Ludwig Spaeth, Single Deep Purple
Madame Lemoine, Double White
Pink Elizabeth, Single Pink
Pocahontas Purple
Pres. Poincarne, Double Purple
Primrose Creamy Yellow
Sensation Red/White trim

Agapanthus africanus, ‘Blue’
Bottlebrush, Dwarf Little John
Canna Lily-Orange
Canna Lily-Red/Orange
Canna Lily-Yellow
Cistus, Corbariensis White
Cuphea, False Heather

Euonymus, Green & Gold
Euryops, Daisy (3 Gallon)
Fir, Balsam
Hosta, Antioch
Hosta, Aureo Marginata
Kniphofia, Red Hot Poker
Mahonia repens

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